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Our Story

Join the journey working with tens of thousands of professionals and parents advancing healthier fathers and families globally

In 2004, Fathers & Families Coalition of America developed a competency-based education credential that integrates knowledge, values, evidence based interventions and skills for a purposeful, intentional, and professional for fatherhood practitioners globally. In 2012, a relationship formed with Life Impact, LLC for a cutting-edge life coach certification program with a niche working with fathers, men, and families. Our team is excited to be part of a transformational practitioner life coach training program.

All of children born in the United States were to unmarried mothers under 30
Children in the child-welfare system that will be arrested-incarcerated as adults
Children in America have more than one adult who is unconditionally / positively involved in their lives
FFCA’s customer rating on our fatherhood practitioner-life coach programs as excellent/very good

Together we explore how to be exceptional

Start your journey helping others find their greatness within

Inspirational from Our Students

  • "I always wanted to be an Airborne Rangeer, Live my life full in the danger, 1-2-3-4, left, right, left, right Airborne"
    Edward Baler
  • "I love the Cavs, LeBron is the greatest of all time no Dr. J is the greatest... New York Giants are my fav. team...lets go Silver and Blue and Silver and Black DA RAIDERS BABY"
    Valentina Sedeno
  • "This Incredible Training Transformed My Life, To Equip Me To Coach Others Into Their Life Transformation"
    Paul Taylor

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Fatherhood Practitioner Life Coach Program

A 14-week training program guiding fidelity principles of National Registry of Evidence-based Programs, Practices and Fathers & Families Coalition of America with proven coaching strategies from Life Impact, LCC. This is a competency-based education approach that integrates knowledge, values, evidence based interventions and skills for a purposeful, intentional, and professional for all practitioners and life coaches globally. We use a mixed educational approach from live virtual training, in-person and live teleseminars and more to make this accessible internationally


Fatherhood Practitioner

Elevating Fatherhood Practitioners:
Insights, proven strategies, best practices and more to go deeper as a practitioner -coach working aside fathers to go to the next level


Life Coach Training

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Business and Branding

Committed to the success of program graduates, we have developed a two-year professional training support program, professional membership and a team of branding experts for the overall success of your practice.

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Our Pricing

Fidelity is paramount in our model of services. The value of our approach, provides 14-weeks and over 120-hours of training and support under $3000.00 that includes access to ensure affordability for all our graduates. We can structure a plan for you.

Startup Plan

$ 499 /6-Month

Best Plan

$ 2559

Expert Plan

$ 3119
  • 90-Day Due Fee
  • Includes website / branding
  • development for graduates

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